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laam999 #5144

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Oooo that's my fave assassin, I look forward to seeing it.
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laam999 #5145

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We'll still can't post pics, but in about 2.5h I painted 6 marvel minis.

Antman (big and small)
Wasp (big and small)

Pretty pleased with all the paint jobs too.

Hope you're all getting on well.
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James #5146

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Your like a veritable painting STL!!
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laam999 #5147

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Haha, I wish. I jut ride the motivation when I can and this year I've been trying to get quantity out rather than quality. That being said, the difference in quality is well worth it for the amount of extra painted minis (IMHO).

Novice at best and not improving, but def getting faster.
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laam999 #5149

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I've painted a loads more on the last week or so. Not sure if pics work but the list is.

Hulkbuster ironman, big and small
Honey Badger
Ebony maw
Black dwarf

And I've finished starlord, who is 100% oil paints and my first attempt using them (I'm pretty proud of him)
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laam999 #5151

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Painting 20 pteraxii, back on shift tomorrow but may finish them by the month end. Don't think I'll end up finding my oil marine like
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laam999 #5153

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Well I still haven't finished my pteraxii, but they're close. I have done a load more MCP

Winter Soldier.

I'd built the next wave and ordered a few more. I'm close to having half the range painted now.
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