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News & Rumours
Confirmed or fresh from the grapevine, it belongs in here.
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Christmas battleforces announ…
by pawl
29 Nov 21, 09:56
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General Hobbying
For any other hobby talk that doesn't quite fit in the forums below.
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Today in the hobby I...
by pawl
29 Nov 21, 22:29
Head inside if you've skipped the WIP photos and gone straight to the end result.
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3D Printed Deathshrouds
by slybobs7
27 Nov 21, 12:30
Work In Progress
Paint jobs, conversions, terrain pieces... whatever you're working on!
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Plagueburst Crawler #2
by James
04 Aug 21, 22:35
Tutorials & Guides
If you've written or recorded something to help your fellow hobbyists share it with us here.
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pawl's ultimate guide to chea…
by pawl
26 Nov 21, 17:20
Reviews & Unboxings
New boxed sets, useless tools and game-changing paints - come and tell us all about your new toys or where you got them from!
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AMMO by MIG order [review & u…
by pawl
26 Oct 20, 00:51
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40K General
For whatever doesn't belong anywhere else.
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Warhammer +
by slybobs7
24 Nov 21, 23:52
Adeptus Astartes
The Space Marines fear no Evil for we are Fear Incarnate!
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Rules question....
by James
24 Jul 21, 00:27
Astra Militarum
Glory for the first man to die! Charge!
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Dark Angels Guards
by slybobs7
15 Mar 21, 15:24
Adepta Sororitas
Discipline and devotion never falter!
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Battle Sister 9th Codex, Disa…
by James
15 Jun 21, 09:03
Adeptus Mechanicus
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Adeptus Mechanicus resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:03
Adeptus Custodes
We are the Adeptus Custodes, and all must fear our wrath.
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Adeptus Custodes resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:04
Death to the False Emperor!
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Hereticus resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:06
Return to the Webway.
2 Topics 
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by pawl
29 Nov 21, 10:00
Death and Fate have taken the stage.
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Harlequins resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:07
Death is my meat; terror my wine.
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Drukhari resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:08
Tyranids & Genestealer Cults
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Tyranids & Genestealer Cults …
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:09
'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go... WAAAGH!
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Grey hammer orcs
by slybobs7
28 Nov 21, 13:29
Cast off the shackles of your slumber! The galaxy shall be ours once again!
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Grey hammer necrons
by slybobs7
27 Nov 21, 12:22
For the Greater Good.
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T'au resources
by Sully
26 Feb 21, 20:17
Gameplay & Bat Reps
For all things relating to tabletop warfare.
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Battle report crusade into th…
by Pharia
01 Mar 21, 10:54
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The age of knowledge and enlightenment has ended. The Age of Darkness has begun.
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TRFT BlackShields Challenge
by James
01 Mar 21, 22:03
Savage Cult Uprisings in the 41st Millennium.
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"Goge is Terra"
by Karak Norn Clansman
04 Sep 21, 02:22
Kill Team
Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium.
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No posts
Adeptus Titanicus
The game of titanic battles in the Age of Darkness.
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No posts
Age of Sigmar
The Old World to the Broken Realms
4 Topics 
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CDO Discourse: Hashut Wants Y…
by James
08 Apr 21, 10:56
Skirmish Combat in the Mortal Realms.
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No posts
Blood Bowl
The game of Fantasy Football!
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A view from the dugout (Blood…
by Axineton
22 Jan 21, 12:51
Library Wing
Peruse the loremasters' repository.
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Humble Bundle, ends 06/05/21
by pawl
16 Apr 21, 11:46
GW Video Gaming
Dawn of War, Combat Cards or BFG: Armada - anything not played on the tabletop!
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Chaos Gate
by pawl
12 Jun 21, 13:16
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Other Game Systems
WW2, D&D, Airfix, whatever floats your (model) boat!
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Malifaux, a pallet cleanser (…
by ldubya344
29 Jun 21, 22:37
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New to the board? Stop in and let us know you're here!
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Hello from an Imperial Loyali…
by pawl
20 Nov 21, 09:13
Off Topic
For anything unrelated to the hobby.
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Burnout Recovery: 9 Week Phys…
by pawl
10 Nov 21, 11:58
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Rules, announcements & legal bits.
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Board guide
by Sully
14 Jun 21, 16:07
Bugs, Suggestions & Feedback
There's no need to report the Tyranids!
Guests can post.

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GDPR Message Every Time I Ope…
by pawl
14 Nov 21, 18:23
Board Events
Demonstrations of skill, giveaways, maybe a game of bingo?
Requires 25 posts to participate.

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Board Events rules
by Sully
20 Jan 21, 20:12
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