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Sully #178

Board guide

Mobile access
Magic quoting
Uploading images
Tagging members
Embedding videos in posts
Custom BBCode
Live preview
Dark mode ('Nightstalker')
Editing pictures
Adding emoji in posts
Reporting posts / private messages
Account security
Uploading an avatar
Post headings
Custom in-post icons

If you feel there is something missing from this list feel free to get in touch with a member of the team.

You can also find the generic "how to use phpBB" FAQ here.
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Sully #203

Mobile access
The Warp Storm has what is called a 'responsive design', which means that it will display properly on a mobile phone, tablet or a computer without having to switch to a 'mobile' or 'desktop' layout. It will also work seamlessly when switching between portrait and landscape mode on a phone.

You will be able to access all functions of the board on any size screen, although you may find that on smaller screens some functions move place slightly.
For example, the button to quote a post appears within the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.

Large screen:
Small screen:

Changes on smaller displays are simply to free up screen space so that things don't end up looking messy, and you shouldn't have any issues finding things. If something does seem to be missing, or you simply can't find something, feel free to let us know so we can help.

There are some exceptions where you won't see things on a smaller view.
On larger screens when you hover over or click on a post two extra buttons will show up, which allow you to add a quote or a tag directly into the Quick Reply box without leaving the page (great for multi-quoting or tagging!). Additionally if you highlight a text selection of a post a click the quick-quote button only your selection will be quoted.
As another example on the posting page you will find that the BBCode bar (containing buttons like , and ) is shorter on smaller displays.

Switching to landscape mode on larger phones will display the fully layout. Unfortunately at present users of smaller or older devices may find that their resolution simply isn't large enough to load these hidden elements. This is something we are going to try and fix.
That said, no functions are actually removed or forbidden - even if you can't see the BBCode buttons you can still write it manually, and quoting & tagging can still be done the 'long' way.
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Sully #204

Uploading images
If you want to add an image (or images) to your post then you can upload them using both the posting page or the quick reply box at the bottom of a topic.

Using the post page, look for the "Upload an Image" option towards the bottom.

Once you've selected your image, simply upload it! The image will be inserted on a new line at the bottom of your post automagically! And if you want to add more than one image simply hit 'Select Image' again!
Removing the gap between the tags will let you display them on a single line, too.
(note that the upload itself may take a few seconds - bear with it, it will get there!)

You can acheive the same result using the Quick Reply box by hitting the button.

After uploading you'll be taken to the full post editor with your image already inserted.

As one last little bonus you don't have to worry too much about the size of your images! The board will automatically resize them in your post (and lazy-load them to speed up loading times if the page is image-heavy) and to view them in a larger resolution you simply have to click them to bring up a lightbox gallery.
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Sully #205

Tagging members in posts
If you want to draw a member's attention to your post then you can tag them. While writing your post type an @ and you'll see some suggested users that have already posted in the topic. If the person you want isn't listed or hasn't posted in the topic yet just start typing their username and the suggested list will change. Tap the person you want to select them.

When you hit Submit a link to their name will appear in your post, and the member will get a notification.

Please be aware that notifications don't appear for tags made when editing a post, but the link will still appear when you Submit.
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Sully #206

Custom BBCode
In addition to the standard BBCodes found on phpBB The Warp Storm also use a number of custom tags.
These can be accessed on the posting page (desktop or landscape view on larger phones) using this drop-down box.

Below you'll find examples of the tags we use. If you feel there is something we should add please let us know .

This allows for using Font Awesome 4.7 icons, like so -


(while the American spelling of 'center' is correct for HTML, this tag works as both 'centre' and 'center' so long as you are consistent in the opening and closing tag)

Note: you must specify a direction!
We recommend previewing your post when using float tags to make sure things actually look how you want!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec sit amet sagittis urna. Vivamus facilisis, odio at viverra rhoncus, sapien nulla commodo velit,
this is floating text
nec porttitor tellus odio vitae orci. Etiam accumsan porttitor justo et commodo. Fusce gravida in purus nec mattis. Duis at mauris vestibulum, aliquet mi vitae, dignissim lacus.

(note that you may have to add extra blank lines before or after if you want a gap)


Regular text subscript

Regular text superscript
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Sully #207

Live preview when posting
Want to know what your post is going to look like as you're typing it? Use the live preview! This works with both the posting page and the Quick Reply box, by simply hitting the icon.

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Sully #208

Profile badges
While using the forums you might find that some members have icons underneath their name.
These are badges or awards that have been issued to the member - if you click a badge you'll be able to see that members badge list, with a title and description for each one. You can also see your own list in the User Control Panel, under Profile > Badge Awards

There isn't a public list of all the badges you can collect - you'll just have to try and earn them the hard way!
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Sully #209

Dark mode ('Nightstalker')
Like the option of a dark theme? Us too, so we've got you covered!
Look in your menu for a icon and click it. Simple!

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Sully #210

Editing pictures
This isn't so much a guide as a suggestion.
Editing pictures is something we often want to do, for cropping, resizing, colour-balance etc. The tools that most easily allow us to do so however are often either expensive or simply not that good (no names mentioned!)

There is however a fantastic, free service available at Photopea. It's browser-based, works on older machines as the heavy-lifting is not done by your computer, and it has all the features and usability of the industry-leading software.
Next time you want to touch up a photo of your latest work just open a new tab, and then upload on the board!

(While technically it can be used on mobile the lack of click-and-hold / right-click on a touchscreen can make using some features a little difficult. For basic cropping and resizing however you should be okay!)
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Sully #211

Reporting posts / private messages
Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you feel the need to bring a particular post or private message to the attention of the staff. This may be because somebody is being rude, trying to advertise or spam, or in some other way doing something you find questionable. While we do our best to monitor public posts this is particularly applicable to private messages.
Should you need to make us aware of something you can use the " Report" function in the drop-down menu of the post, or the in a private message.

Please be aware that malicious, incorrect or over use of this button may result in action being taken against you. Don't abuse the report function!
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