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Pharia #4672

And hes based and everything. Next stop Umeå in sweden:p woop woop. What do you guys think? Approved or not?

The one on the right is edge highlighted mostly where the left one (the one im done with is mostly drybrushed for highlighting. My biggest issue is hes left (looking at him as is) "knee" armour plate should be touched up to make the highlight smaller/thinner on both sides but.... I'm on the clock for this army 😜 a little over 3 weeks til were leaving for the tournament, and I still have to go over a couple of painted models. Changing a wep here and repainting some bad work on others ^^

Oh allso the first dread (right) armour plates are painted with black spray -> corvus black -> black templar with grey highlights. Left one is mech std grey spray -> matt black (army painter) and grey highlights. Tried to blend the shine so they are the same with varnish, and I feel I got that part pretty solid.

Cheers guys.
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James #4677

Custom Custom Custom Custom
Don't see any issues with the knee from here. Looking really good mate., 👏👏
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Pharia #4678

Thanks ❤

Ye he came out alright me thinks 😜

So left to do is change a chainsword on my assault intercessor Sgt to a power first and change hes plasma pistol to a h bolt pistol. And go over 5 infiltrators and 3 supressors.

Was a period where I just slapped on contrast paints on models to get a primaris army up and running quickly 😜
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