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laam999 #4066

Hi all, AdMech player here from North East UK (just moved to North Shields so looking for players)

I have a few armies but my main passion is Admech.

I thought I'd join as a forum is much easier to use while on shift at work ( just coming to the end of a night shift)

Looking forward to seeing whats here

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James #4067

Hi Liam
Welcome in mate!
Would be cool to see some of your admech πŸ‘Œ
How long have you been into the hobby?
Myself and @Badger_of_doom are Yorkshire based, not sure if there are any more northerly members or not actually πŸ€”πŸ€”
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pawl #4068

Ahoy there @laam999! πŸ‘‹ Always happy to see a new face πŸ™‚

If you need any help with the board just drop us a line, but otherwise feel free to get stuck in. There's only a few of us here at the minute, but we're all friendly enough. πŸ‘
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