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Demonstrations of skill, giveaways, maybe a game of bingo?
Requires 10 posts to participate.
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pawl #3880

£100 giveaway - rules & entry
The best way to start the new year is by giving yourself a chance to win some freebies, so let's figure out how we're going to do it!

event entry requirements
Entry requirements are nice and easy: simply reply to this topic!
There are no requirements for the content of your post, although feel free to tell us what you would spend your share on if you won! =]

(in order to reply to this topic you must be a member of The Warp Storm, with a post count of at least 10. Board staff members are excluded from participating in this event)

event rules
Event dates
This event will run until 23:59 12/02/2022 (GMT)

Available prizes
There are three available prizes. Each will be issued as an online voucher (as described below in 'Issuing prizes') valued at £60, £30 and £10.

One entry per person
@Sully has been training with the Commissariat, and has been tasked with executing disqualifying anybody who tries to break this rule.
Only one reply is required to this topic - any subsequent replies will be deleted.

Prize draw
Prizes will be drawn at random from the pool of members that have replied to this topic. Each member is restricted to a maximum of one prize.

Claiming your prize
Winners will be contacted via board PM within seven days of the event closing. They will have a further seven days to reply to this message to confirm their win. Should a winner fail to reply the prize will be re-drawn.

Issuing prizes
Winners residing within the UK will be sent a voucher code for their prize value claimable at Element Games.
Winners residing outside the UK have the option of offering a substitute online store from which to receive their voucher. In this case the value of the voucher will be the approximate GBP value of the prize converted into the local currency - some value variation is to be expected due to voucher value requirements, however this will be communicated to the winner prior to issuance.

Announcement of winners
Once all winners have been confirmed and prizes issued an announcement topic will be created in this forum.

Standard Events rules
The standard Events rules can be found here.
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Cswitheyjr #3886

I don't know 100% what I would get if I won, but whatever I get it would be for the glory of the Emperor!
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Axineton #3887

Count me in 😁
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James #3897

I'm sure I can find a use for this 😂
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pawl #3898

James wrote: 30 Dec 21, 14:18 I'm sure I can find a use for this 😂
Your badge says otherwise 😜
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DW1986 #3909

Well hello! Nothing like a competition to draw me back in 😂 I've got so much Death Guard stuff to show off now as well!
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James #3910

DW1986 wrote: 30 Dec 21, 16:13 Well hello! Nothing like a competition to draw me back in 😂 I've got so much Death Guard stuff to show off now as well!
So fickle Daniel 😂😂😂
You could buy some... MORE plague marines.
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DW1986 #3913

Hahahaha @James nah I would use it to bolster my totally not small Dark Angels army 😂
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Badger_of_doom #3929

mmm i think I would put the money towards getting a shiny airbrush and compressor setup
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