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We are the Adeptus Custodes, and all must fear our wrath.
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Karak Norn Clansman #5152

And nothing remained but silence.

Pray they do not take you alive.

- - -

Sisters of Silence Anathema Psykana Rhino

The sculpted ornaments on this Sisters of Silence Rhino APC were sculpted during one full workshop day's toil for a most noble and Countly friend's Adeptus Custodes army in Warhammer 40'000.

Note the shush Sister on the side panel, based on the famous Soviet propaganda poster. Likewise, note the resting Emperor on the back ramp, for He likewise gives the silencing finger.

A man and woman of the pure human form is found on the other side panel (sculpted upside-down, but peeling away and super-gluing them back in place will solve that issue). While a captured psyker is strapped on top of the vehicle.

Ave Imperator!



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