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ldubya344 #3558

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post photos of my fully painted Palatine mini I've been working on a few weeks ago.

Not sure I'm happy with the end result, kinda wish I did red internal cloak rather than attempting grey, but oh well, Iive and learn.

So I managed to kitbash a little bit of lore into her, very minor, but the key on the back of her tabard, was added by myself from another battle sister kit, to show her holding the key that fits the 2nd Battle Sister Objective Marker I completed (the shrine) the lore is that the Shrine holds Celenia's Wargear whenever she dies, for when she returns, to be returned to her. It seemed only fitting for the lieutenant of the army to hold this key. 😁

Hope you guys like her.
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pawl #3577

It's the little things that add all the flavour, even if only you know it's there 😉

Red would have worked on the inside but I don't think there's anything wrong with the grey. It does look like the inside of the sleeves is cream though?
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