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Pharia #3646

So I know this is more of a painting forum... But wondered if anyone here has used a strategem in another way... or if there's a faq out there that I've missed :S

So its an astartes strategem from the epic deed sort : wisdom of the ancients. Basically gives a dreadnought a 1 turn either capt (aura) or lt (aura). Now its specifically states aura in the codex, wich should mean that the dread himself doesn't get affected by said buff. But in many battle reports I've seen they play it as it does, even though that they're own capt or lt buff doesn't affect said models with theyre own buff. Have I missed something or is this a case of ro little tournament play becouse of covid?
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James #3649

Hmm I'd say rules as written no they don't. As it says in those auras that specifically target friendly core units so not itself...
However on the Warhammer community page when they first introduced the change with auras and core units.. They said "characters themselves won't be affected by the aura abilities that utilise the keyword core". So as the dread has core I'd say it does affect it 👌

Pharia #3650

Hmmm very interesting. Haha its allmost as if were working in the law system interpreting those rules:p

By that regard it only affects characters that has its own Aura in that wording is what you mean. Couse the lt benefits from hes captain's Aura standing in range of the capt ofc. But the capt himself does not benefit from hes own Aura. But since the dread isn't a character hes excluded by the rule and therefore is affected by hes own Aura? Hmm interesting:D

Pharia #3651

Sry my mistake.... haha all characters are excluded from a rule that only affects core units. So you are correct and im to fixated about the 8th edition ruleset.... but the chaplain affects chapter characters and core units.... so he buffs himself, capt, lt and all elite stuff:D But ty again @James for making me think and find out this problem ;) the chaplain just got buffed tenfold in my mind :p but got to think how to use the captain and lt more in the future.
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James #3652

Yeh unless the characters have the core keyword. Some may for space marines.. Not sure 🤔
Worth noting not all auras affect only core units but the ones in the strat mentioned sound like the do.
Still fun n games trying to work this stuff out 😵
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