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Local gaming LFG

Posted: 05 Apr 22, 21:37
by laam999
I'm not sure if here is the right place but here goes.

I moved a few month ago due to wanting to be closer to my daughter and now have noone to play, I'm in the North East (Newcastle way). I'm just wondering if anyone was localish and looking to game. I'm happy to host and enjoy any type of game (competitive to narrative and everything between).

If anyone else if looking for a new person to play how about a thread to make that a place?

Anyone in my area just pm me. Anyone else looking for games post here.

*Mods, remove or move this if needed 👍🏻

Re: Local gaming LFG

Posted: 06 Apr 22, 10:15
by James
Good post. Not sure we have the community to get it going yet. I'm near Leeds and York. Not sure if we have any more northern members yet 🤔 hopefully we'll get more 😁

Re: Local gaming LFG

Posted: 06 Apr 22, 18:40
by pawl
When you find them, drag them in! 😜

A topic like this doesn't really have a proper place yet unfortunately, simply due to the size of the board. For now I'm going to drop it in 'Gameplay', but we'll find a better solution in the future. 🙂