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The Space Marines fear no Evil for we are Fear Incarnate!
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Pharia #2885

Well yes and no :p it costs allmost 400 points to use so that's terrible:p but str 7 w 9 ws 2+ m 8. a 6

But its hes wep thats scary and abilities.

You can only do max 3 dmg to it in each phase.
It heals 3 dmg each command phase.
2 different attack modes
1. 2x str ap -4 6d dmg ignores all kinds of saves. Even mortal saves. So inv. And mortal saves are not allowed! This is so powerful.... 6 attacks hitting on 2+ with str 14 so wounding 2+ and d6 dmg.... sick!!!!
2. Str user ap -3 dmg 1 each attack does 2 attacks. So 12 attacks with s7 ap -3 d 1.
Though this guy costs 370 points!!!! And he can't use the look out sir rule. So you can focus him. He only has a 4+ inv save. But like I said: you can only do max 3 wounds on him in each phase. So its allmost impossible to kill him in 1 turn unless your able to smite him or something in either your command phase or psychic phase.... he's allso rather slow for a 370p model.... don't ler him get close to your big models or units. He murders units or characters who survives by having a good inv save. For a marine players that's bye-bye all kind of hq's and elites and heavy stuff in melee:p
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James #2889

Haha ok he'd be interesting to use..no idea how you protect him tho haha. Alot of points to spend on one thing 🤔🤔

Pharia #2898

Haha idd. If your opponent rush you then you have won :p use him as an assassin:p either have him in the back, and wait until your melee destroyers has engaged or whatnot. You need to get him in melee atleast until turn 2 or he will just be nuked !

Dunno though he needs to kill loads before he refunds he's cost... but if he's able to take out linchpin models then your other units can mop up the rest.

I'm having issues killing him without engaging him in melee......
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